Our services

Offset | Get superior quality

Offset printing uses full colour (CMYK), special colours (PMS), coatings and varnish inks on plates to transfer images and text onto paper. This is the ‘traditional’ form of printing and produces high quality and economical results for medium to large runs. Offset printing is ideal for producing medium to large quantities, while digital is suited for the production of smaller quantities with fast turnaround time. Offering both digital and offset printing, we can tailor the best production method based on your requirements. So whether you have small or large quantity to print or time sensitive requirements, we can recommend the best solution based on your needs.

Digital | Quality, cost effective and quick

If your document needs to be done quickly and economically, then digital printing can handle the job with ease. Artrite’s digital printing is the ideal, cost efficient solution when you have a short run or require on demand quality colour printing, flexible print solutions or personalisation. Be it 1 or 100 copies of your revised staff training manual, a major presentation to your biggest client or posters promoting a forthcoming event, we can provide fast and quality print solutions. We can show you a large range of paper to choose from (including thin, thick and textured stocks), on 55-350gsm stock. So if you need it done quickly, then we are the people to trust.

Wide Format | Attract attention

When you want to make a big statement – think large format! Whether you need a pull up banner for an event, large posters for a festival or expo signage, Artrite Print can help you attract the right attention. Large format posters, banners and signs can help you stand out from the crowd and promote your business on a grand scale. This form of printing can have the biggest and most immediate impact – in just a few hours, you can change a dull wall into a bright stand out piece, or transform a plain vehicle into a driving extension of your brand. Speak to your Artrite Print representative today about ways to enhance your company’s reach.

Warehousing | Convenient storage solution

Artrite Print offers clients warehousing services to store and manage the despatch of printed collateral which can be accessed via a simple online ordering system. At our central Auckland location you will find our warehousing facility. Secure, immaculate and well organized, this facility provides a home to your printing. We work with our clients to develop a system of ‘just in time printing’, ensuring you never run out of stock but can eliminate cumbersome levels of over stock that may become obsolete. Our state-of-the-art facility has a dedicated warehouse manager and real time computerised inventory control allowing for accurate reporting of stock-on-hand.

Graphic Design | Give your company a personality

Whether it’s your logo, flyer, stationery or brochures – all marketing material your company produces reflects your brand and represents your business image. Artrite Print can help your business portray its best image with professional, consistent branding across all your marketing and communications material. We can assist with all brand and graphic design services from developing your logo and creating a corporate identity through to designing brochures, books, magazines, stationery, ads and signage. We’ll create a strategy which takes into account your goals, budget and industry requirements to provide a personalised graphic design and print solution for your business.

Flatbed Inkjet Digital Printer – Advance Select

With an Acuity Advance Select we can: Produce point of sale graphics, indoor signage, industrial graphics and product decoration, printing direct to rigid media.

Clear + White
The addition of white and clear ink channels allows print service providers to print on a range of non-white substrates and add a spot or flood coat ‘varnish’ effect in a single operation all on one printer. This extends the application versatility of the Acuity Select machine and improves the efficiency with which these types of added-value effects can be achieved.

White + White
Alternatively, the Acuity Select can be used with two white ink channels to improve the density of white in a single pass, which can be particularly useful for demanding backlit applications.