The Future Of Printing

The Future Of Printing

Till recent times, printing was always 2D. It was always paper, cardboard, labels, fabric, plastic, and metal that were printed. This means that everything was two dimensional.
However, recently, a new application of printing has been created by simply turning two dimensional printing into three dimensional printing.
In other words, we now have 3D printing. For those of you who haven’t yet heard about 3D printing, let us explain quickly.

3D printing is printing that is done three dimensionally. This means that there is no substrate, ink, or toner. Everything is done in the air. In the simplest terms, 3D printing is creating products by printing them. A 3D printer does this by using specific materials in place of ink or toner and putting them together like a normal printer, except that it put

layers on top of each other till they start thickening up. As a result, a digital image of a physical item can be converted into a real object.
Now, 3D printing has been used by many people for creating a variety of objects ranging from prosthetics to basic items. Moreover, even NASA has entered the game by considering
3D printing as a serious option when it comes to space exploration. After all, being able to create spare parts in space is something that will actually prolong space travel and make it safer. A 3D printer can be considered to be a real life replicator from the series Star Trek. Imagine being able to say “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot” all of you Star Trek fans!

For 3D printing to come to that point, considerable advancements will have to be made. However, the future of printing technology lies as much in 3D printing as it does in 2D printing. As of right now, 3D printing is expensive and slow. However, in the future of printing technology, these technological barriers are expected to be broken. This means that the future of printing technology holds developments that will result in 3D printing not only becoming cheaper but also considerably faster!

Who knows, this may even lead to 3D multifunction printers with faxing option. If this happens, you’ll be able to say “Beam me up, Scotty!”